The voice-over demonstrations below are in MP3 format. Since they have been compressed, they do not take long to download or take up significant space. If your computer can not play these MP3 voice-over samples, you can visit, where you will find an abundance of MP3 Player freeware and software for both Windows and Macintosh users.  

         You can also REQUEST a VOICE-OVER DEMO in CD to be mailed directly to you or MP3 format.

         To learn more About MP3 and its application for internet delivery, click HERE.





Click the icons to sample a demo.

I have all the necessary audio tools and experience to deliver MP3 voice-over tracks  to you over the internet and to do it well.  So if you find yourself under a tight deadline, are located across the country or the world,  want the voice-over work delivered quicker and less expensively than FEDEX, find you suddenly need a project finished soon or even today, or are just ready to utilize this technology for your next project,  please allow me to deliver a voice-over to you via MP3 DELIVERY!

You tell me in which raw format you want your audio file saved BEFORE its conversion to an MP3.  I make the recording here at my digital recording studio in the requested format, make the conversion to MP3, then send the compressed MP3 file via internet delivery as an attachment to E-mail or upload it onto an FTP site.  Then, either you can use the MP3 file as is OR with an MP3 decoder, you transform it back to its original form and make your edits and final mix...all that very day or soon after.      

You get efficiency WITHOUT sacrificing quality!   Why not give it a try? 

If you do not yet have all the essential MP3 software audio editing “tools” to make this happen, visit for a vast array of links to sites with MP3 Players, Decoders and Encoders. 


Send your REQUEST FOR A QUOTE on an upcoming project!  
Or, SEND YOUR SCRIPT DIRECTLY as an attachment to E-mail.  
Save your Word document with a dot doc suffix (.doc) in Word 6.0/95.
In case you are a Windows user, it’ll open up without a hitch
in my Macintosh computer. (example:  Commercial.doc)


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