An MP3 audio file, after its conversion from another format, such as an AIFF or WAV file, has been compressed to 1/10th its original size. This allows a much FASTER DELIVERY TIME over the internet, PLUS it takes up considerably LESS SPACE on your computer.

Therefore, receiving voice-over work over the internet can be a fast and highly efficient means of delivery for commercials, public service announcements, broadcast promos & taglines, website narrations or even video or multi-media narration ďsegments.Ē

I compressed a 9.8 MB AIFF file to 1.1 MB in MP3 format. Not only was the compression really amazing, but so was the sound quality! If you havenít already, please listen for yourself to some MP3 voice-over samples on the DEMOS page.

In terms of quality of sound, there is no negligible compromised loss of quality if the recordings and conversion process is done right to begin with. Itís important to at first be technically proficient in recording and saving the original audio in the appropriate settings, then using the best settings for the MP3 conversion.

Compare the delivery time of a 40 second voice-over as a WAV file to that of an MP3 file. The download time for that WAV file was timed at 9 minutes. After itís conversion to an MP3, the download time was reduced to only 1 minute 40 seconds. And thatís with a regular 56k modem!

With more businesses on higher speed internet connections, such as DSL and cable, the download time is even faster!

If you need the MP3 audio editing software in order to utilize this efficient process of receiving & editing quality voice-over tracks over the internet, try visiting Youíll find a multitude of links to a variety of MP3 players, decoders and encoders for both Windows and Macintosh users.

Should you have any questions about the process of sending or receiving MP3 audio files over the internet, feel free to drop me a line.


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