Minowa Voice-overs is a small business located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, offering professional voice-over services as well as message on-hold & on-hold digital player package offers for small to large businesses.

As an experienced voice-over artist, published feature writer, copywriter, and entrepreneur Michelle Diane Rowe combines several skills, including digital audio production, to bring customers quality voice-over recordings and message on-hold productions.

Michelle has performed a wide variety of voice-overs, ranging from narrations for video, CD-ROM and websites to commercials and public service announcements for radio, TV and cable on a local, regional, and national level. She’s also been hired to voice TV taglines, video news releases, radio station and program promos, messages-on-hold and telephone voice prompting narrations.

Voice-over work performed by Michelle is either recorded on-location at a recording studio, in her private digital recording studio, at a production company, or at a business’s location (for example, when hired to record voice prompt messages for business telephone systems).

Michelle’s interest in voice-over work can be traced as far back as 1990, when she wrote, narrated and produced an hour-long public radio feature documentary. During that time, she also wrote, produced and voiced public service announcements, short feature stories, and wrote & anchored the morning news for a public radio station. She worked as a copywriter, voice-over talent and producer at a commercial news and music radio station in 1994.

In 1995, Michelle marketed herself in her hometown state of Delaware as free-lance voice-over talent while working part-time and was hired for voice-over work by local video production companies. 

After attending voice-over workshops, seminars, taking voice-over technique & acting lessons, and researching the voice-over industry, in 1999, Michelle decided to go full force, full speed ahead to pursue a career as a voice-over artist. With an initial interest in narration work (which has since broadened), she launched an intensive nationwide marketing campaign to self-promote her voice-over skills to video, film, and multi-media producers.

In order to market herself beyond her local area, she set up a private digital recording studio with a phone patch, learned Pro-Tools audio production, and the technicalities of producing high quality audio files, including conversion to quality MP3s.

Following a long-term plan of owning a business, Michelle obtained a business license in 2000 and finally quit working part-time. She named her voice-over business MINOWA VOICE-OVERS. Minowa is an American Indian name that means “moving voice”. (Moving in inflection, moving in emotion and moving across the internet lines to get the job done!) Michelle has a special interest in Native American culture, religion and history; with future plans for a project involving American Indians.

Michelle is a dedicated voice-over professional, committed to delivering impressive voice-over recordings which will get your message across effectively to your client, regardless of the medium.

After taking a year to fully research, write and develop another side to her voice-over business, in 2001, Michelle launched Custom On-Hold Promotions, whereby she combines several skills into a package offer for a broad range of businesses and professionals.

To contact Michelle directly with questions, discussion, a request for a quote for voice-over work or information about her customized on-hold messaging packages, send an E-mail message or call one of the numbers below.  


Minowa Voice-overs is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA

E-Mail: Michelle@minowavoiceovers.com
In Delaware, Call: (302) 478-8764


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